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Welcome to the Lake District

Southern Chile Travel Board
Welcome to Pucon

Pucon is a four season resort with a population of aproximately 12.000.- and is often referred to as the Adventure capitol of Chile. Its landmark feature is the Volcano Villarrica which offers climbing opportunities in the summer and skiing in the winter.There are also world -class facilities for such activities as white-water rafting, mountainbiking and trekking

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Where is Puerto Montt?

Puerto Montt!! A beautiful port city and the beginning of the famous Carretera Austral. It’s a great city to get to know by biking! Visit Angelmó to eat some delicious sefood by the port. If you have a big appetite you should try curanto and eat it all by yourself or share it between two. This city is also transport center meaning that there is easily available transport by land, air, or sea to travel to Chiloe island or further south towards Torres del Paine and Antarctica.

HOSPEDAJE ROCCO -BikeRentals -Tourist Information -Cable TV -Breakfast -Laundry Pudeto 233 FonoFax: (65)272897 Puerto Montt

Everybody is going to Torres del Paine!

Puerto Montt-Puerto Natales or Puerto Natales-Puerto Montt- Set sail from Puerto Montt on board the " Puerto Eden" ferry boat (which also carries cars) and enjoy a four-day crossing to Puerto Natales through the Patagonian channels, viewing magnificent scenery with fiords, sound, straits, and bays. The program includes entertainment on board, and other activities. An optional tour can be taken to Torres del Paine National Park and the Patagonia territory. Travelers have the opportunity of traveling back north by land, via Argentina, and re-entering Chile by Coyhaique and the Carretera Austral.

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Welcome to Chiloe

Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter:
Pounding surf. Quiet salmon and trout lakes. Rock Climbing arias. 
Great views of volcanoes and glaciers. (on sunny days)
Participate in local dances and food tasting
Traditional wood crafting with hand tools.
Quiet walks on country trails and much more, each person creates 
his own adventure or just relax and watch the sea lions and dolphins
Boating trips. On the Esmeralda. See wildlife. Visit hidden canals and beaches.
Trips to Lemuy, Quinchao, Chelín and Quehui.
For reservations call or visit the Esmeralda by the Sea in Chonchi.

Chonchi, Chiloe, Chile.
Directions :Centenaro to Pedro Jose Andrade.  then 2 blocks to calle
Esmeralda, end of Esmeralda on the beach!
Tel/fax: (65)-671-328.

Open all year
Rates for '98-'99 season:
Economical bunk room from $6 with kitchen.
Rooms with shared bath U.S $9 includes breakfast
Rooms with private bath double U.S. $25 includes breakfast

Share in our famous banquets of local fresh fish in the traditional
Chiloe style.  U.S.$4-$5 depends on the fish.
Also good solid vegetarian meals.

In winter some of the activities and services are not available.

This is the land of the Hobbit, the Shire; all we lack are round holes
for doors

See dolphins, penguins and sea lions
Comfortable beds and lots o' hot water
Book exchange, Newsweek, table tennis.
Laundry facilities, free rowboat use.
Trekking to Nat. Park and Lemuy Island.
Walks in Wild Mountain forest and beaches
Good, cheap and fresh salmon meals
Camping equipment rental Camping space.
Bicycle and fishing gear rental
Useful travel information
Fine homemade breakfast
Send and receive e-mail.
Best travelers checks exchange rate.
Horseback riding.
Carlos Grady and
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